Oak Freestanding Kitchens

Working with Oak Freestanding Kitchens has been a great inspiration for me, Oak is one of the most revered and appreciated species of wood used in the manufacture of Furniture. It is hard, strong, and when finished properly, as with our Yorkshire Oak Besp-Oak range, it is absolutely beautiful.  All our units are manufactured using European oak because it is held in much higher regard than American oak. Many English churches and wooden ships from centuries ago were constructed primarily of English Oak. Many of these ships and buildings still exist today. Our versatile ‘light oak’ range features solid oak back panels and dovetailed joints on all pieces. It must not be confused with similar pieces which are oak clad on pine or acacia as these will split warp and crack, particularly if you have under floor central heating. Each piece is Besp-Oak and is built for user friendly convenience. Using antiqued brass style handles, good quality hinges, mechanisms and runners, each piece is designed to give you years of satisfaction. On a recent trip to Vancouver I was amazed at how few Oak Freestanding Kitchens existed. Thus on my return I re-doubled my efforts and created a great new range exclusively for the UK marketplace.  Thus at http://www.oak-free-standing-kitchens.co.uk  we can create a Imageunique kitchen for you. Starting with the basic cabinet, there are 36 basic units in total. All the cabinets are made with solid oak exteriors and reclaimed pine interiors NO chipboard or MDF. Solidly made with dovetail joints on the drawers and mortise and tenon for all the frame work. These units have a slightly rustic or some might say, ‘shabby chic’ finish. If you only want one or two units that’s fine you can always add more units later. With the average cost of a kitchens being around £3500, there are considerable savings to be made for kitchens that include granite worktops, sink units, oak drawers, some with false drawer fronts all units can be supplied with taps and are pre-drilled for tap hole(s). additionally we have created a range freestanding larders, oak dressers, small dressers, buffets, with the base units featuring, granite tops, not marble as it stains. We can supply the appliance you require, a Belfast sink, cooker,  double oven, microwave, hob and coffee machine. We also do Islands, Island butchers blocks, wall units, double wall units,free standing corner and corner unit. We can even supply you a pine kitchen if required or a stripped pine kitchen, and much much more!

Here at www.simplydutch.co.uk we love Kitchens. Find us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/OakFreestandingKitchens


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